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These journalists refused to publish clickbait. You won’t believe what happened next.

The news industry publishes incredible journalism every day. But when media outlets become obsessed with page views — a metric that tracks every time a webpage is loaded —  they flood us with an endless stream of clickbait headlines and frivolous news stories, all vying for our attention. At the Houston Landing, we’re doing things […]

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How columnist Maggie Gordon is covering news in the Houston region, one story at a time

Ever since we officially launched the Houston Landing two months ago, Maggie Gordon has been busy. Our columnist has written about the unhealthy carbon footprints of hospitals; the egg-onomics of rising egg prices for a Santa Fe family; an intractable food desert in Third Ward; and the aggravation of stopped trains in the East End, […]

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News tips power our journalism: Here’s how to contact the Houston Landing newsroom

Last month, Houston Landing investigative reporter Alex Stuckey revealed how scores of inmates who died in Houston-area jails had documented histories of mental illnesses yet didn’t receive the help they needed. It was a powerful story. And it all started with a news tip from a trusted source. News tips from people like you help […]

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Texas needs more investigative journalism. The Houston Landing is delivering.

The Houston Landing’s first major story by investigative reporter Alex Stuckey revealed that inmates with mental illnesses are dying from suicide, violence and other unnatural causes in Houston-area jails — despite exhibiting previous mental health concerns that could have kept them out of jail in the first place. Alex’s powerful reporting, coupled with stunning images […]