As a new and growing newsroom, we aim to produce standout coverage of policing and criminal justice. But we want to make sure we do it right — and write about things that are important to your community.

So far, we’ve covered how thousands of people are going to jail despite being eligible for an alternative program called cite and release. We’ve covered the dozens of forgotten appeal cases from Harris county that sat dormant in the court system for decades. The digitalization of our state’s largest jail mail system and how that will impact inmates and the larger Houston community. That the Sheriff’s Office kept over $1 million in leftover commissary money from the jail and how you can get your money back. This in-depth, comprehensive reporting doesn’t come to fruition without insight and input from our readers — people like you.

We strive for submission forms like the one below to be a mainstay in how we approach covering this beat — by giving Houstonians the opportunity to share their stories and guide our reporting of their communities. 

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Staff writers Eileen Grench, Monroe Trombly and Clare Amari contributed to this report.

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