The mission of the Houston Landing is to offer quality journalism to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. We allow and encourage other news websites to republish our articles, with some exceptions. Some — but not all — of our visuals are also available (see more below on visuals). The content we allow you to republish is free to use on the condition that you follow these rules (a.k.a. terms and conditions) and provide attribution to the Houston Landing as outlined below. Failing to follow these rules voids this permission to republish. Here are the rules:

Republication is permitted for organizations whose primary purpose is to inform the public, including news publications, smaller community and student-run publications and nonprofit organizations that publish nonpartisan, factual news. If you have questions about your eligibility, contact us. 


  1. To republish our articles, you must use our republication tool, which can be found at the bottom of most of our stories. Some of our articles are published in collaboration with other news outlets. Those articles don’t have a “republish” button and can’t be republished.
  2. You must credit the author or authors of the article by writing their name followed by a space, a “/” mark, a space and our name: “Houston Landing.” At the bottom of the story, please make sure to include the following text with links to the original story’s URL and our home page: “This article first appeared on the Houston Landing and is republished here with permission.”
  3. You must publish the entire text of the story. Don’t change or add any language to our articles, remove portions of our articles, or remove or alter quotes. If needed, adjusting time and location details is permissible. For example, changing “yesterday” to “last week” is OK if you post our story at a later date from the original publishing date, and changing “here” to “Houston” is OK. If you aren’t sure if a change that you need is allowed, reach out to us at
  4. Copy the URL of the Houston Landing story you are republishing and paste it into the HTML of your version of the story as a canonical URL. If you have a WordPress site and use the Yoast SEO plugin, here’s how you can create a canonical URL, which tells search engines that the post originated at the Houston Landing. 
  5. Our work must not be behind paywalls. You may not sell access to our stories.
  6. You may not use automated systems or bots to republish our articles.   
  7. We may collect data related to our republished stories and you agree that we can and that your privacy policy will reflect this. 
  8. Notify us before you republish a story by emailing Managing Editor John Tedesco at
  9. By republishing our work, you agree that if we send you a request to remove our content, you will do so immediately. We reserve the right to prohibit you from republishing our content.

Multimedia and Images:

If you are interested in using images (including multimedia) with the stories with which they originally appeared, you must reach out to us directly for permission, by contacting Some of the images that accompany our stories are ours and are available. However, some of our images are from wire services, handouts, or are from freelance or stock photography sources, which means that we might not have the right to allow you to republish. When we can’t grant you permission, we can likely direct you to someone who can. 

If we allow you to republish images, it is because we believe that we have a right to share the images with you for use to accompany our news articles. That permission is called a license. The license we grant you is non-exclusive; we can revoke it, and it is not valid if you don’t follow the above guidelines, and these rules below. 

  1. You may not republish images or multimedia until you get permission from Houston Landing. For permission, contact
  2. Please credit our photographers and illustrators by including their bylines as it appears underneath the images on our website.
  3. Houston Landing is not supplying you with “stock” images. If we allow you to republish images, they can only be republished to accompany the Houston Landing article that the image(s) originally appeared with. You may also use the photo as a teaser when the story is on an inside or jump page, or the digital equivalent. Images may not be used for purposes unrelated to our reporting without express permission.
  4. The license we give you is not transferrable, and you must direct any third-party requests for our images back to us.
  5. Reasonable alterations of color balance and resizing consistent with reproduction needs may be made to the images. You may not make or permit any other alterations to the images. No cloning, significant cropping, subtractions, additions, derivative works or adaptations, are allowed unless specifically approved in advance by Houston Landing in writing. You may not use the images as a source for generative artificial intelligence.
  6. Digital files may contain copyright, caption and other information, embedded in the image file as metadata; removing and/or altering metadata is prohibited. 
  7. You may not use the images in a manner that is defamatory, violates privacy rights, or otherwise violates the rights of any third party. Privacy laws protect people from having their likeness used in a commercial manner without their permission. News publishing is not considered commercial in this context, but some marketing uses are. Accordingly, while we may grant you a license to use an image for copyright purposes, we do not typically get model/photo releases and you should assume that there is not one. Houston Landing makes no warranties that the images it licenses to you are fit for your purposes and you must determine if you have a legal right to use an image for a particular purpose. 
  8. By providing you with a copyright license to use an image with one of our news stories, we are not making a determination that your use is otherwise consistent with your legal obligations. You assume all risk and accept all liability related to republishing the images and will indemnify and defend Houston Landing against any and all claims, liability, settlements, damages and costs, including attorney’s fees & expenses, arising out of your use of the images. “Claims” as used above includes claims made against you and claims made against Houston Landing, and you expressly waive any and all claims against Houston Landing related to images or other content we license to you.   

Thanks for your interest in the Houston Landing!